PetCertified Licenses
by State & City

Say goodbye to pet restrictions and hello to freedom! With PetCertified, you can proudly take your furry companion wherever you go. Experience a hassle-free and worry-free life with your cherished pet by your side.

Escape restrictions on pet ownership with a PetCertified letter. Almost any place can become your furry friend’s home with this official ESA letter that overrides no-pet policies and breed and size restrictions in apartments.

Get an ESA letter from PetCertified to save money now! You won’t have to pay extra rent or security deposits to keep your furry friend with you. Plus, say goodbye to expensive airline fees for traveling with your pet. Get an ESA letter now for peace of mind and money saved.

Experience a stress-free flight with your furry companion by obtaining an ESA letter from PetCertified. Our official letter allows your pet to fly with you and provide you with the comfort you need in the air.

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